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Do I need to pay EU VAT for this purchase? Is it required by law?

If you live in a country within the EU, you are required by law to pay the EU VAT rate in the country where you're established.

Based on your location, the system automatically selects EUR, GBP or other currency (if you are outside the EU).

Can the EU VAT be zero-rated?

If you're a EU business (outside the UK, where our business is located) and input a valid EU VAT number, then the extra tax can be zero-rated (you will not be charged the EU VAT).

I am not an EU citizen and prefer to make the payment in EUR/GBP

If you do not live in a EU country (e.g. you are a tourist or a digital nomad transiting a EU country) and prefer, for any reason, to be charged in EUR/GBP, then you can choose "I don't need an EU VAT invoice" and you will not be issued a EU VAT invoice, but a standard one (e.g. you will input the country of your origin in the invoice).