“WP Asset Clean Up” Released

After taking advantage so many years of the freebies out there from the WordPress community, it’s my turn to┬ástart giving back. Thus, I’ve┬áreleased “WP Asset Clean Up” to help you make your website FASTER!

What’s this plugin about?
It scans your posts/pages for all the loaded assets (.CSS and .JS files) and offers you the option to select the ones that you do not need. I’m sure it often happens for you to install 10 plugins but in one particular page/post, you will need only the files from 2/3 of them, the other ones are loading without any purpose, thus making your website load slower and the HTML code of your website bulkier and not to easy to read. As any professional would admit: the less HTTP requests you have on your webpages, the better for your website performance.

Click here to give “WP Asset Clean Up” a try